Due to Covid-19, we will be opening up our new studio a little later than anticipated. In the meantime, feel free to familiarize yourself with our classes and get in touch if you have any questions.


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All Classes include Asana poses, pranayama (breathing exercise) and Savasana (relaxation pose) at end of every class.

Method Mellow

Seniors, limited or restricted mobility. 

Suitable for all body types, age, experience, and ability. Modified poses ensure students move on their own terms.

Goal: to help develop body awareness, relaxation confidence, utilizing effort and ease.

Method Fundamentals

Beginner Intro class.

A head to toe class exploring classic yoga poses.  Learn proper alignment to set your yoga self up for success.

Goal: to establish mind body connections, develop breath awareness, build confidence to infuse yoga into your lifestyle.

Method Mom & Me

Beginner class for mothers and their small children.

Both classes are a time for mom and child to develop greater bonds, express love and creative play enjoying each others company away from hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Classes are designed to include yoga for mom and child with free form movement and music/song in an atmosphere of anything goes!

Goal: Enjoy the relationship between mother and child with the help of movement and music.

Method Kids

Beginner class for kids.

Creative yoga play inspired by music and movement. Introducing yoga concept with songs and creative-minded movements.  Exploring body and spatial awareness, instinctual movements, breathing and relaxation techniques.

“mindful play meeting everyday needs in a quickly changing world”

Goal: Introduce the concept of yoga with songs and creative movement.

Method Chill

Multi level class for beginner to experienced.

A yin inspired graceful flow with slower sequencing, syncing breath to body drawing awareness to relaxation through movement.

Goal: Relax your mind and body

Method Balance

Intermediate class

Feeling balanced is a full body experience with a deep mind and body connection. Learn how alignment, strength and dristi (focus) can help master some incredible poses and boost confidence in everyday life.

Goal: Explore your body’s mechanics to aid in the balance and grace we aim for.

Method Mid-Day

Quick lunch break flow.

Moderate paced class to boost mood and energy for the day.  Aiming to release fatigue and muscle stiffness from the night before.

Goal: to increase flexibility and strength and ward off that afternoon slump.

Method Core Stability

Advanced class targeting the core.

The core isn’t simply our abdominal muscles, it’s a powerhouse that is our centre of strength and stability.  Stability affects our posture, dynamic body mechanics and overall strength.

Goal: to strengthen the whole body with grounding poses from shoulders to pelvis.

Method Flow

Dynamic vinyasa based class with lots of energy.

Explore strengthening poses, stability, body mechanics and mindful stretching.  Includes sun salutations, seated and standing poses.  Great for those with a general understanding of yoga and an active lifestyle.

Goal: Challenge and strengthen your body