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Movement for every body

Method Yoga classes cater to people of all ages and abilities. It is our primary goal to make sure each participant leaves the studio feeling better than when they walked in.


"Yoga isn't about looking a certain way, it's about FEELING a certain way."

Hi, I'm Rhonda Scott.

I believe that no matter how you use yoga, an instructor must always meet people where they’re at.

When we feel powerful or successful in our bodies, we tend to also feel powerful and successful in our lives. This mind-body connection through yoga boosts our confidence and develops our self-worth. For these reasons, my classes cater to people of all ages and abilities. It is my primary goal to make sure each participant leaves my space feeling better than when they walked in.

Welcome to Method Yoga!

Classes at a Glance...


Our classes are rated by level of mobility or experience:

1 Star = Beginner/limited mobility

2 Stars = Intermediate/active mobility

3 Stars = Advanced/challenge your mobility

Method Mellow

For seniors and persons with limited or restricted mobility.

Method Mid-Day

Quick lunch break flow to boost mood and energy for the day.

Method Fundamentals

Beginner introductory class exploring classic yoga poses.

Method Core Stability

Advanced class targeting the core for improved posture and strength.

Method Balance

Intermediate class for alignment, strength and focus.

Method Chill

Multi level class with slow sequencing for beginner to experienced.

Method Flow

Dynamic vinyasa based class with lots of energy to challenge you.

Method Mom & Me

Beginner class for mothers and their small children.

Method Kids

Beginner class for kids inspired by music and movement.


*Introductory pricing available for a limited time!

40 Minute Time Slot

These shorter time slots are available during a typical lunch hour and for some children's programming.

60 Minute Time Slot

The majority of classes will fill a 60 minute time slot - available for all levels of mobility and experience.

75 Minute Time Slot

Specialty classes and in-depth focus on specific themes, poses, and outcomes.

Specialty Classes

Follow us on our Facebook for announcements on specialized classes like “Hiking & Yoga”, “Beach Yoga”, and “Barrefit”!